Friday, 1 February 2013

January 2013 in Numbers

I've decide to continue with Julie's Month in Numbers this year, again in my Smash book.  Last year, the design for every month was different but I think in 2013 I'd like to have a bit more continuity so I've bought the Simple  Stories Snap 6x6 pad to provide the titles and embellishments (Simple Stories is my favourite line at the moment) and a pack of Jenni Bowlin month bingo cards. I'm going to combine these with a photo collage each month and add my numbers by hand. The colour quality on my collage is pretty bad so I'll get it reprinted when I next place a photo order.
The numbers read:
7 days with snow on the ground
5 visits to prospective secondary schools
64.5 hours of lessons taught
£49.68 raised by the International Club college event, which I organised
3 new gadgets bought in the January sales
17 loads of washing done

I didn't use the Simple Stories papers on this, as the colours felt too bright for what has a been a cold and stressful January, so instead I used up a scrap of snowflake paper from a recent layout and a pink from my scraps box.
I made a title page for my 2013 Smash book using the Smash swatch tape. I'm really happy with the rosette and I think I'll be using this technique on my 12x12s as well.

(Sorry about the shadows on the photos, by the way!)


Abi said...

Sweet book. I so admire you for remembering those numbers from your month!

alexa said...

Genius to use the bingo (?) card and write around - a very creative idea!

Julie Kirk said...

You sound very organised - and I too love the bingo card with the ringed numbers - inspired!

And the idea of a monthly photo collage is ideal.

I've added you to the board now:

Welcome to your 2nd year in numbers and Happy February!

Julie :-)

Jerrie Luginbill said...

I really love how you documented your numbers in your Smash book...I may have to do that during this week's Smash session myself.

...and what a great way to use the tape! :)

Tamara said...

I love your snow photos. Great month for you.

helena said...

love your plan for recording the numbers this year

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

I love the bongo card idea :o)