Saturday, 26 January 2013

Saturday Roundup 26th January

This has been a strange old week. Snow, marking and tired children have made it seem quite a long 7 days. I find it very hard to get excited about something so cold, wet and inconvenient. Sorry, but that's how I feel!

We made it to church on Sunday, because I was reading the lesson and both children were reading prayers, but didn't  venture anywhere else as the snow fell lightly but constantly all day. I took the opportunity of being stuck at home to get stuck into my marking mountain. (There's always a heavy load in the second teaching week as we do diagnostic tests for all new students at the start of each term. Thereafter, I can spread the work out a bit).

Although I was fairly sure the schools would be closed on Monday, they were all open, with the exception of the Community Centre where I teach on a Monday morning, so I got a bonus snow day to do yet more marking. Then I taught all day Tuesday and Wednesday, plus the extra evening class I am covering, and finally said goodbye to the marking  and paperwork on my day off on Thursday. Now I just need to use the information gained by all that diagnostic marking to plan my lessons for the rest of the term. That's a job for this weekend.
Extra curricular activities have all restarted now after the holidays so on a normal week we have:
Cubs  on Monday, Mathletics and Swimming on Tuesday, Choir, Rainbows and Karate on Wednesday; French Club on Thursday and Drama on Saturday. I only have 2 children!! M, in particular has really been feeling the strain and we will have to get her into bed earlier as it has been a struggle to wake her for school this week.
Finally, today the snow has all gone except for the mishapen lump that was a snowman. And the source of the sleepiness has been revealed as both children have woken up with runny noses. Regardless, we went into town when R finished his drama rehearsal to buy new school shoes - always an expensive business- and treated ourselves to a McDonalds.


Ruth said...

The shot of your daughter sleeping is super cute!

Julia Dunnit said...

y word, I womder ow many pupils realise quite how much non-teaching is onvolved in what you do...hours and hours. I feel utterly the same as you about snow. Cold in general to be honest! Your week and its extra curruclar stuff is a constant juggle, I wonder at how you manage not to saty in bed all day on a saturday!

Kirsty.a said...

I can't, julia - have to take R to drama!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Those last two photos tell a whole story!