Sunday, 6 January 2013

Saturday roundup 5th January

(Yes, I do know it's now Sunday, but I was waiting for Blogger to sort itself out and let me upload pictures. It still hasn't so I'll post without them. Is anyone else having trouble uploading photos? I don't have a box to browse my files.
Update - changed to Google Chrome from Internet Explorer and it's OK, so I'll put the pictures in now)

I know I wouldn't be able to cope with anything as full on as Project Life or 365 or anything daily, so I've more or less decided to continue with a month in Numbers, again using a Smash book, but also include ephemera and a monthly photo collage.

I'd like to record more of the everyday, though, than I did last year so I'll try to blog a weekly review on a Saturday as well, with any pictures I have taken. That means it doesn't need to be daily, but not only the big events.

So, 5 days into January and it has already been quite eventful.
P and our friend Jane. No one took any photos of me
We spent a fun New Year's Eve with friends. M stayed up until 10pm, R until 12.30 and P and I were still singing karaoke at 2.30am. My friend's birthday is on 1st Jan, so we stayed for that as well. Having an extra day made the 2 hour journey much more worthwhile and it was lovely to spent quality time with some one I see only rarely.
My favourite auntie, Jen came over for lunch  with her grandchildren and the first cousins once removed (we think) played happily with the hamster while the grownups ate pavlova and caught up. Jen is also keen on researching our family tree so we shared what we'd found out recently.

I got a phone call to say R has not been offered a secondary school place, despite the fact that every professional I deal with told me it was a foregone conclusion because of his Statement of Special Needs. It is agonising that I can't do anything about this until the schools go back on Monday.

R and M went to the pantomime with Nanny and Grandad.


Julia Dunnit said...

Argh, Kirsty, the school place is so much for government creating 'inclusive' schools policies. good luck and great patience for tomorrow. Meanwhile, a once a week stop record of the week will be pack in so much!

humel said...

Oh, no - so sorry to hear that school news, I do hope you can sort something out without too much hassle, I'll be thinking of you xx