Sunday, 2 December 2012

JYC The Journal Begins

Christmas officially started for me last night with the first of my children's Christmas fayres. The air was scented with icing sugar around my Ice A Biscuit stall and the carols were playing on a loop. I have done most of my shopping on line or early this year so it was the first time I have consciously noticed myself humming along to The Snowman and Oh Christmas Tree.

Children and their parents thronged the corridors, but I felt far more relaxed than I usually do when visiting R's school. No Parent-teacher meetings, no physio reports. Even the Head was working the crowd with a smile beneath her Santa Hat.

One of the highlights of a school fayre is always the chance to get your face painted. The mums doing it this year did a superb job. Definitely 1 to consider for next year's Christmas card. Shame R was distracted.
For the first time, I didn't take R to meet Father Christmas - he took M while I was manning my stall. In the final year of primary this is just and right and I was proud of him for not spoiling the experience for his 5-yr old sister, but I can't deny I felt a little stab of sadness. He has chosen not to come to M's Fayre today. Again, a welcome sign of his age-appropriate attitude to the season.

This morning dawned cold and crisp - perfect for the outside 'Frost Fair' at M's school. Wrapped in thermals and hat, I was soon sweating as we erected the gazebos and lugged tables around a field. After an hour of Pin The Nose on Rudolph, though, I was thoroughly chilled and glad of a cup of homemade soup and the first mince pie of the season.

After the fayre was over, it was time for our Church youth group for 8-11 yr olds. Again I got covered with icing sugar, this time icing gingerbread nativity shapes, as well as cutting lots of tiny holly leaves and rolling red holly berries from moulding icing to create a Advent crown for the Church. More carols played in the background. This is the first sign for me that Christmas has trult arrived.

I'm tired now - time to light the Advent candle for the first time and read Chapter 1 of 'The Christmas Mystery'.

As far as JYC goes, I am not creating a daily Journal this year. I have lots of photos from previous Christmasses which need to be scrapped at 12x12 for my annual albums, and I want to do this year justice in my 2012 album, as it definitely will be different next year when R is at secondary school. I will try to blog daily according to the JYC prompts and I will be following the In Focus photography prompts too. (Shimelle has changed things up this year and we will receive 2 prompts each day. !!Woohoo. My children have 2 Advent Calendars, why shouldn't I?) If I keep up I might print the posts and photos at the end of the class in a photobook.


Amy said...

This is such a lovely post Kirsty!

cate behind the purple door said...

Sounds like fabulous fun at the fayre!