Thursday, 6 December 2012

JYC Day 5 - Cards and postal communication

The first snowfall of the year. Great excitement this morning, although it had all gone by midday.

Writing them is a chore. Getting the children and P to write theirs is an even bigger chore. Paying for postage is crippling. But opening cards from faraway friends is such a lovely part of Advent that the rest is worth it.

It makes me happy to come home after a day at work and find 2 or 3 Christmas cards on the mat. I especially love it when tney containsa letter or a photo.

Look at these gorgeous cards I receieved from my Scraploonies friends on Sunday, already adoring my bookcase - what a talented bunch they are.
This year, I chose not to handmake my cards and instead had 40 digi cards printed by Photobox. M drew some lovely pictures, one of which I scanned and turned into a card for her to write to her friends. I bought some packs of charity cards for R, who is less craftily minded. I posted mine this morning - at a cost of 50p each and 83p to Europe. I'm glad I was in time to buy the religious stamps this year. Last year the local Post Office had sold out buy 10th December and I had to make do with Wallace and Gromit stamps. I have nothing against W & G, but they do not epitomise the Spirit of Christmas for me!
Spare cards in my Smashbook - my favourite place to keep things that don't warrant a 12x12 page
I have also written cards for all my students, and received several from them. I know this isn't necessary or expected, but I have done it for several years and have found that it encourages students to continue their courses in the New Year. They have to pay again now and sometimes their initial September  enthusiasm has waned a little, so a friendly Christmas card from me can give them a boost.
My Entry 1 ESOl class, at our Christmas party today

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Sian said...

I'm going to try to get finished up with my writing tonight because you are right - it's worth it in the end.