Wednesday, 26 December 2012

JYC Day 25 - He's been!!

We were woken at 6.20 by a storm  - lucky that Father Christmas had already been and gone!

The children were thoroughly spoilt with presents this year. The favourites being a pink scooter, a pink remote-controlled motorbike for Baby Born (quite un unsettling sight, as the doll doesn't fit onto the seat with clothes on!), a party dress, spy video glasses, a Batman game for Wii and money towards a Kurio tablet.
Even Fluffy (M's class mascot which she got to bring home for the holidays) got a stocking to open!
Lunch was a delicious success, although we did, predictably, have half a beef fillet left over. Makes me feel a bit decadent and guilty, but it certainly won't be wasted, and anyway, isn't that what Christmas is all about.

Our guests left at 6pm and we were all in bed early, thoroughly worn out by excitement. Hope you all had a lovely day.

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Alison said...

Glad Santa made it before the storm hit...sounds like you had a lovely day!
Alison xx