Wednesday, 26 December 2012

JYC Day 23 - Christingle

The table is laid
The Yule Log is made.
The veggies are peeled.
The beef has been sealed
The stockings are hung
The carols are sung
Some gifts are exchanged,
Though many remain
So now all I can do
is say 'Merry Christmas to you!'

Whilst stockings are an absolutely indispensable part of Christmas, and always have been for me, one newer tradition in our family is the Christingle service at church on Christmas Eve.

I joined Sunday School this morning, instead of going to Communion, and helped to make 120 Christingles. We had a very efficient system going:
Stage 1: Cut the base off 120 oranges and core a hole in the top (the orange represents the world)
Stage 2: Wrap each a orange with red ribbon (to represent the blood of Christ shed for us) and secure with a cocktail stick.
Stage 3: Wrap a white candle with tin foil and put in the top of each orange (Jesus, the Light of the World)
Stage 4: Thread 3 pieces of dried fruit onto 4 cocktail sticks (depending on who you ask these stand for the 4 seasons, North, South, East and West, abundance and harvest, or the 12 Apostles)
The service itself was on Christmas Eve, a lovely start to the season, but I didn't get any photos there. This one was taken afterwards at a get together at Mother-in-laws, because we wouldn't be seeing my niece and nephews on Christmas day. The kids were checking Father Christmas' exact location on the Norad Santa tracker, so they were sure to be asleep in plenty of time.

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