Friday, 19 October 2012

A day of playing with challenges (longer than normal)

Despite being at work all day on my birthday yesterday, I had a lovely day. My children, for the first time, were old enough to make me breakfast (Frosties and a cupcake!). I had more cake with students and colleagues and was given two bunches of flowers. My husband (who likes to be given clear guidance on presents) bought me a Purple Cow Paper guillotine, which I badly wanted. I got various pretty pieces of jewellery, a CD and a rhinestone setter from a crafty friend, who I think wants a play with it!

Today is my day off, so I promised myself that I would not spend it marking and doing housework. I was going to play. I decided to see how many online challenges I could tacklehile the children were at school.
As a warm up, I got out the party bag kit Julia and Lunch Lady Jan gave us on Saturday. I kept the kraft card blank and envelope for another day, as the little bitty embellishments they gave us were just right to finish off my card box for this year's Learn Something New Every Day lesson cards:
Then I headed over to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge site. I have been too busy to joinhaven't joined in with this for a few months, as I was just too busy over the summer, but I loved the colours in this Gossamer Blue kit:                     
This is my Counterfeited kit:
I didn't have much bright pink, or chevron-patterned paper, but I do have birthday money to spend, so I can rectify that later. The inspiration kit  is a bit light on embellishments for my taste, but that's all good as it means I can make/find them to suit each page as I use the papers.
The next challenge I went to was at the Play Date Cafe. I've looked at their colour combos several times, but never played along so I decided today was the day, especially since it is their 3rd birthday. The combo was this:         
I dipped into my Counterfeit kit amd added some purple to make a layout about my trip to see 'Wicked' or, more specifically about my friend of 40 years, who I went with.
Finally, as I was still in a creative mood after putting the kids to bed, and as this is technically my birthday play day,  I spent the evening on a 3rd challenge. 2 of the blogs I follow; Jennifer's Jumbles and Lisa-Jane, both posted entries for the SJ Crafts challenge - scrap a birthday, using circles or ovals. Well, easy peasy! This was a record of the breakfast my two lovely children made for me.

I haven't quite finished either layout, so I'll post them separately, or this will be a very long post anyway.

And so we come full circle, back to breakfast. A rare, and very enjoyable day. See you soon.


Maria Ontiveros said...

What a fantastic day. I love my guillotine paper cutter.

humel said...

It does indeed sound like a great day - full of fun and play :)

glorygirl said...

Happy birthday! I can totally relate to trying to do something productive when I have a "fun" day. Way to go - making yourself play!!! I looooove the box you made. It is beautiful!

S said...

First of all, happy belated birthday. Looks like you've been busy. Your kit looks scrumptious - especially those blue florals!

Rebecca at How I Burb said...

Happy birthday month! Glad you were able to play along and put together a kit. Making some embellishments as you go along is the best part, isn't it?