Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Organised Housewife Weeks 2 & 3

I started well, then the new school term took over, but here is what I have managed to achieve:
Day 9 - clean the ceiling fans  - easy! We don't have any!!
Day 10 - clear the kitchen cupboards - I made a start on the pan drawer, but didn't get any further than that.
Day 11 - Clean the washing machine and clear the linen cupboard - I had the day off on Monday, but I spent it doing various jobs in town. The linen cupboards have been annoying me for months though so this was a job I was happy to do as soon as an opportunity presented itself (which wasn't until today!) The largest area of storage space is in my son's bedroom - long cupboards above head height. I use them for bedding, but I can't reach without standing on something so I usually toss clean bedclothes as far as I can and grab them from beneath. I'm ashamed to say this is what it looked like:

Having purchased a couple of vacuum storage bags in town, I chucked it all on the floor and started again, sorting out what we actually use regularly, and bagging up everything else. We don't really need more than 3 sets of bedding for each bed, unless we have horrible tummy bugs, and even then the kids are now old enough to reach the toilet in time, most of the time. I gave away all the toddler bedding and it now looks like this:

It doesn't actually look very different from that angle (told you it was high up!) but it will be easier to work with.Each set of matching duvet, pillow case and sheets are inside the pillow so I just have to grab one thing in order to change the beds, instead of searching for each item.

Day 12 - clear the bathroom cabinet - ours is tiny do most of our toilettries are ranged round the edge of the bath. I also bought some new baskets when I was in town (it was a most productive trip) to conceal then. I did take a picture, but on second thoughts, I'm sure you don't really want to see a picture of my toilet.
Day 13 - clean the cornices - Yeah right. Not with the day I had on Wednesday. They will have to wait.
Day 14 - the office - I don't have the luxury of a separate office and my desk is badly in need of some attention.  I spent all day marking on Thursday and had just an hour to do a bit of scrapping. I really hate that I wasted 10 minutes of it searching for the Glossy Accents I only used last week. 
Day 15 - the outdoor area. Whilst I manage to keep my house reasonably in order, the garden is another matter entirely. I just don't like being out there.

The Organised Housewife gives us the weekend off, but I had a 2-hour weekend on my own with my son in a co-operative mood. Togather we put on some music and blitzed his pile of DVDs, CDs and books. Only a fraction of them are ever watched, listened to or read so we weeded out the empty cases and unwanted stuff to make a neat and tidy bookcase. R has recently been choosing to spend more time in his room, so I wanted him to have a space which he could use and be comfortable in. He wouldn't let me take a 'before' picture, but if you have had a 10-year old boy, you can probably imagine it. This is how it looked afterwards:


humel said...

Well done you :) I started really well, but then life got so very busy that I started to fall behind - and then I came down with a nasty cold, bleh! So I'm picking up each day's task sheet whenever I can make a start on it, and will do 20 days in total - not necessarily consecutively.... I'm up to Day 11 so far!

Julia Dunnit said...

You can tell how orientated to an American house the Days are! Good for you my house, any job in any room is a good one. I streamlined the bedlinen recently too, and ended up making it more accessible by moving other unused stuff from somewhere I could actually reach!! FUnny how we put up with things!!
I don't set 'finish' type targets any more, I sort of do a quick's the trip to tip and charity shop after that complicates things!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

i started really well, but I've fallen away a bit. Hopefully soon I"ll get back to it.