Saturday, 22 September 2012

Rinda's Scavenge Hunt Round up

I can't believe it's officially the end of summer. Still, Autumn is my favourite season, so I'm not too depressed. I had a fantastic summer - lovely weather and good company in France, some amazing Olympic action and the added fun of searching for Rinda's Scavenge Hunt items. I found 19/21, plus the 2 substititute items so that makes 21. Here are my favourite of my finds. You can see Rinda's here
1. A pier Substitute item - heart-shaped stones
2. A clothesline
3. Roadside stalls selling stuff

4. A border

5. A train
6. Historic landmark
7. Someone playing an insturment
8. Statue of an Angel
9. A fountain
10. A horse
12. A maze
13. A library
14. A movie poster substitute item a 4-leaf clover

19. An outdoor stairway

20. A swing hanging from a tree

21. me with something that symbolizes my nation (the flag, not Mandeville, althouugh he sort of represented UK this summer)


Sian said...

It's been a lot of fun seeing what everyone has collected. I feel i know quite a bit more about different little corners of the globe after this summer's hunt!

Maria Ontiveros said...

These are all so fantastic - love the border, the drummers, the swinger in particular.Thanks so much for playing along!

Julie J said...

That's not a roadside stand that's a whole street selling on the roadside LOL!

S said...

Great job on the photo hunt - I have a soft spot for the drummers as my daughter does drum line in the wintertime.

Nathalie said...

Fun, fun fun! I enjoyed checking out your photos for the hunt! My favorite is the stairway!!! Gorgeous!