Sunday, 22 July 2012

Hello holiday

Hello  'Our France House'. So happy to be back here.
Hello fresh croissants from the friendly boulangerie round the corner.
Hello not having to get up and dressed by 8.10am.
Hello lie-in with a good book. How many novels will I get through? Last year, it was 13.
Hello visiters. Always happy to play hostess in France.
Hello lots and lots of photo opportunities. I am aiming to complete Rinda's Scavenge Hunt this year.
Hello guilt-free crafting time - no marking or lesson preparation to do.
Hello board games and jigsaws.
Hello picnics and day trips.
Hello nice dinners, cooked by P and eaten at a table instead of on our laps.
Hello cider and white wine.
Hello Summer - we haven't seen much of you yet in the UK, but please come to France  and stay with us for a few weeks!

Adieu, Blog friends, I will will be posting much less for the next couple of months, although I'll try to do some catch-up posts when we are in wi-fi range. Have a lovely summer. Normal service will resume in September.


Gwen Ward said...

Have a wonderful restful time Kirsty.

S said...

Oh look at all the things you have to look forward to. Enjoy your break and take lots of pics.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Sounds fantastic!

Amy said...

Enjoy every moment of your break, I look forward to seeing some lovely photos!