Friday, 6 July 2012

End of Term gift ideas

I've said it before here, but teachers' end-of -term gifts are a big deal in our house.  I don't just give to 2 class teachers, I always include Cub leaders, Teaching Assistants, Drama Teachers etc. so that's about 20 people. Too many to buy for so I usually give something handmade. In past years I've done chilli jam and strawberry jam, bookmarks and shrink plastic keyrings, decorated candles and glass painted sweet jars.

However I've left it a little late this year (not THAT late - we still have 2 weeks to go - but too late to start anything complicated) so I went back to a version of a previous idea. (they're all different people, obviously, as my kids are 2 years older now)

Starting with 10 of these boring scented candles in glass jars (99p each from Hobbycraft)
I used washi tape and more of those acrylic embellishments from Papercraft Inspirations to ponce them up into these:
My daughter, a crafty girl after my own heart, raided her own stash to make hers:
which is much nicer for the recipient. However', my son doesn't 'do' crafting and I decided not to force him to do his. It only took me an evening to finish them all, plus a card or 2, and a button jar for myself.


Abi said...

These are lovely. I am sure they will appreciate them.

Send gifts to pakstan said...

Its a nice collection of gifts. I will use it also for my teacher's. thanks!