Monday, 30 April 2012

Pass the Book

'Raw Art Journalling - Making Meaning' by Quinn Macdonald.

I keep toying with Art Journalling and I was keen to read this book, but I still don't feel very confident about it.

Quinn Macdonald writes well on getting rid of your Art Gremlins and Giving Yourself Permission.  I did try Doodling on my Month in Numbers for April and quite enjoyed the process, but wasn't in love with the result.

She gives some great ideas for playing with words, which I've saved for the summer when I have more time and I love the idea of using 'Imagery as a Background' but I have yet to spot a suitable photo-op.

 There are some good ideas for making your own journals as well.

Whilst I, personally,  was not super inspired by this book, I found the visual imagery very interesting and I think it would be fantastic if you were a bit further along the AJ journey that I am.

Leave me a comment if you would like the next turn with Raw Art Journalling and I'll draw a winner after the Bank Holiday on 8th May


Melissa said...

Thanks for participating in Pass the Book:Year Two Kirsty. I'm still pretty new in the Art Journaling, also, but having a little fun with it after reading a few books about it for ideas.

Amy said...

I enjoyed the imagery section as well and even though I am not an Art Journaler, I enjoyed learning about it and it was useful for the kids, they loved many of the ideas!

When you have more time you may return to some of the ideas - it helps to have a freer schedule!

Fiona said...

Have just started playing about with art journalling but would love to be in with a chance to read this book.