Sunday, 25 March 2012

Game on

Did you remember to change your clocks? It's officially British Summer Time and for once it actually feels like it as well.

I'v been scrapping at last after a very busy couple of weeks. We had Speaking exams for all our ESOL students this week. It's always a stressful time for both students and teachers as we are 'interlocutors' for our own students. I hate seeing them panic when they make a mistake on a grammar point that I have been banging on about for the past month, and it's an administative nightmare if one person forgets to come at their allotted time.

R's drama group performed their annual public play, 'The Princess & the Pea', yesterday. He had 8 hours of rehearsals last weekend and 2 shows yesterday.  It was a great show, especially considering all the actors were aged between 5 and 16. R remembered his lines, spoke clearly and had an exciting time - what more could I ask for? I drove him to and from the hall 10 times and also helped keep the kids safe and happy backstage at the dress rehearsal and the evening performance. I feel quite tired this morning as well, but I'm proud of his involvement in drama so I don't mind too much.

P was out on Thursday night and I was really in need of some recuperative cutting and sticking. I'd had the makings of this page on my desk for some time. The photos were taken on several different days since Christmas when the kids got a couple of new board games (although R seems to be wearing the same jumper every time!)

The patterned papers were printed from an old digi kit called Family Fun by M Underwood and I used the digi wording to embellish my typed journalling block. I had quite a lot of photos of my kids playing their new board games so I printed them small and used both sides of the tags, allowing me to get 7 pictures on a single layout. The dominoes, number discs and mini playing cards all came out of Christmas crackers and the bright ?? strips were from a game of Guess Who so all in all this layout cost me almost nothing - love that.

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