Sunday, 15 January 2012

A heritage layout with the January Counterfeit Kit

I'm enjoying using the counterfeit kit I put together this month. The baby in this photo is me. The gentleman is my Great-Uncle Godfrey, known as Goff and the lady is my Great Grandmother, Alice Maud Wallis.

Goff was a lifelong bachelor and lived with his mum until her death in 1976 when he moved into a small flat. He loved 'a flutter on the horses' and he was a great card sharp. He always got my and my brother's birthdays mixed up, although he never missed one.

Having never learned to drive, he always rode his 'push bike' everywhere. This, sadly, caused his sudden and untimely death whilst I was away working in the Czech Republic. He was knocked off his bike by a car and died very quickly at the age of 75.

I was only 7  when  Alice Maud died so my memories of her are just snapshots:

I remember the house stuffed full of stuff. The 'parlour' was full of untouchable treasures, which unfortunately were all sold off when the house was sold. The cupboard contained tins of beans and custard powder dating back several years. When we cleared the house for Goff's move, we found one tin at the back sporting a price label in 'old money'!
My mum tells me my great grandmother would never have let me see her in her nightgown, but I am certain I have a memory of her in a very high Victorian-style bed. I'll never know whether it's a true memory or not, but it's one I'll treasure anyway.
I know she couldn't pronounce my name properly and called me Krusty.
There were huge rhubarb plants in the back garden and, one summer, a swarm of flying ants. I was terrified and I wouldn't go down the path until my uncle picked me up. 

Strangely, I now work 2 doors away from their old house, in the converted schoolhouse both Goff and my Grandmother attended.


Sian said...

I really enjoyed this post and your flow of memories today Kirsty

Judie aka Craftymess said...

lovely post and a lovely layout as well xx

Anonymous said...

What great memories - they may be snapshots but are still so important and a lovely page. I like the frame to highlight the faces too :)

Tara O said...

This is an awesome LO! Great journaling too.