Sunday, 18 December 2011

JYC Days13-17 music and drama

I love, love LOVE Christmas music. I love carol singing in church (or in the car park.) I love cheesy Christmas songs in the shops. I used to love singing in school concerts; now  I get to watch my children doing it.
There was a carol I sang at school called 'Child for the World (as I know now) of which I could only remember a couple of lines. I asked P, who sings children's hymn every morning in assembly, I asked friends, I even Asked Jeeves if he knew the words, to no avail. 24 hours after posting about it on the Journal Your Christmas forum, Crystal came up with the goods. So I had to put the lyrics into my Journal.
We did some carol singing at the weekend with the church (inspiringly billed as Carols in the Car Park) and I took the opportunity to fake a photo of my glove-clad hands.
M was an enthusiastric and adorable icicle in her school nativity. She also, amusingly, was 'M is for Mary'. Her friend Angel was 'A is for Angel'. You get the idea!
On Sautrday afternoon we went to see a production of 'The Night Before Christmas with some of R's school friends' families. It wasn't what I expected; despite starting predictably, " 'Twas the night before Christmas / And all through the house / Not a creature was stirring / Not even a mouse" - the mouse then went on to star! We call M our mouse, so a photo was a necessity!
We have been to see a Christmas performance with these people for the past few years and it's a tradition I hope will continue as these children are good friends.
My presents are still unwrapped - the only major job I still have to do - so that entry will have to wait but I did do one on on Gratitude. I always enjoy this prompt, although it is not my favourite page ever.
The list of things for which I am grateful reads: (in no particular order) Christingle service; Lebkuchen; Baileys; Christmas music; wrapping presents; opening presents; JYC; Turkey and roast potatoes; Christmas Eve; school plays; children's excitement; cards from abroad; 'A Christmas Carol'.


Emily said...

Great pages. I love the picture of your gloved hands holding the carols!! That's such a cute idea!!

Sian said...

This album is looking really fabulous - you have documented lots of lovely things Kirsty

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great picture!

I'm grateful for Bailey's too

humel said...

Wonderful pages - I love singing carols, too :) We sang in a pub yesterday evening, which was fun! (Bit warmer than a car park!)