Monday, 12 December 2011

JYC Days 8-12 - a Very Busy One!

This page is made with photos from last year, but it shows traditions which haven't varied much over the past 4 years: the Pantomime on Ice, nativity plays at school and church, advent calendars and candles, and end-of-term celebrations. We opted to give the Ice Panto a miss this year, but we're going to see The Night Before Christmas instead with the same group of friends - so not much of a break from tradition.
Shimelle's challenge for the Traditions page was to use some hidden journalling - I think I've done plenty of that! Each photo is mounted on a flap with the detail on the back. I did consider a double page spread for this many pictures, but I like how this single page has turned out.

Silly season has begun. This was taken at 9.15 on a Thursday morning! I looked back at my entry for 8th December (always the 'Sights of the Season' prompt) to see what has changed and, honestly? other than the weather, nothing has. I went shopping for my last few presents on exactly the same day last year, and in all the previous few years my tree was already up. I thought I had done it earlier this year, but obviously not. This is interesting (to me anyway) but it meant that my 'On This day' journalling would have been a bit pointless, so I just printed my photo of the poor Tesco employee large and added a date, title and embellishment cluster.

This weekend was very full and merited several pages in my Smash book. I'm glad I decided to do without numbers this year. It is remarkably liberating!
R had a LAMDA drama exam on Saturday and they both had a final rehearsal at Church for the nativity play. Attempting to instill some 'down time' in the afternoon, I got out the paper chains and M spent an absorbed half hour making decorations for her bedroom. She then sighed resignedly as I got out my camera. "Are you really going to take another photo of me?"
"But, of course, I am. It's what I do!" ("and anyway, Shimelle has challenged me to take a portrait with a Christmas prop, but I'm not going  to tell you that!")
Our tree was put up last weekend and I certainly 'embraced impefection' this year as the tree lights didn't work when we got them out and my husband responded to my SOS for 100 white lights with 50 coloured ones.

After a small tantrum I just let my children get on with it and decided to go with 'Primary School Chic' as my theme this year!

Sunday saw us at Church again; 2 excited children performing and 2 proud parents watching the nativity play at the Family Carol Service.

Then in the afternoon, R graded for his karate Green  belt, and I achieved my Orange belt.
The final of the X Factor completed a tiring but rewarding weekend. The patterned paper pocket (try saying that quickly!) ,to keep all my extra ephemera from the events, was again inspired by one of Shimelle's challenges.


Emily said...

OMG, I can't believe the employee stands with a sign that marks where there is a parking spot! I've never seen that before!

Love your pages!!

Sian said...

I was thinking about abandoning numbers this year and chickened out at the last minute - I can really see how liberating it would be. Your pages are looking great

Mandy McK said...

I have enjoyed reading through your JYC posts and am inspired to get on with mine!
Just to say your blog link on the JYC forum doesn't seem to work... to see your blog I had to type into google... Just so you know :)

Miriam said...

'Primary School Chic' ! Love it!! and I love the sos for 100 white lights & 50 coloured ones turned up!
Sounds like my request for a plain white shower curtain and a cream with gold swirls turned up! What are they like? Your journal is looking great.

Melissa said...

More great pages Kirsty. I really like the hidden journaling on the first page & that patterned paper pocket (which I typed very fast but didn't say!) is perfect!

Miss Smith said...

The fold-out page is amazing! I've never made one like that but I feel really inspired to have a go.

Lovely to see the progress your smash book is making too.