Saturday, 10 December 2011

10 cards on the 10th

I can't do mass, production-line crafting. I admire people who can make 50 identical cards, but  I get far too bored so my maximum run on any card design is between 6 and 12. Makes them exclusive, what!?
 For December's 10 Things on the 10th, I thought I'd share 10 Christmas cards I've created over the past couple of years. For more '10 Things', go over to Shimelle's blog.

1. 10 of these made for my close family. The photo was taken in the 50s of my twin aunts. I don't know who the boy in the background is, so I covered him with an embellishment after I'd taken this picture.
2. Stamped, embossed and coloured with Promarkers
3. Tags, inspired by Shimelle's Christmas Preparation Weekend

4. Quick and easy with a recycled topper

 4. Using my ribbon stash
5. A traditional design using some lovely stickers which Cath sent me last year

6. And another one

7. My favourite photo from Christmas 2010: our Advent candle with Christmas tree lights in the background

9.  Heat embossing and glitter highlights make a pretty card out of the front cover of an obsolete textbook which I saved from recycling at the end of term
10. This was the lower level of the same textbook. I made 4 of these for my colleagues, who will appreciate the joke.

My cards are finished, written and mostly posted. This is my least favourite Christmas chore so I try to get it over with early. The children were unusually enthusiastic about the task of writing theirs this year and have done over 50 between them!
8. I made this one last year, and then I lent the stamp to a friend. I still like it though - will have to reclaim it for Christmas 2012


Jo.C said...

I can only manage about 2 or 3 so you are more patient than me - that's why I like scrapbooking s they are all different :0)
Impressive cards though - everyone will love them.

Sian said...

I bet they will be very much enjoyed :)

Julia Dunnit said...

Great post Kirsty, I couldn't choose between them, but I like the up cycled text book, will make your colleagues grin! Well done on getting them to the post...I haven't managed that part just yet!

S said...

What great vintage type cards - nicely done. I'm stuffing and addressing and mailing today. Ho ho ho.

BarbV said...

I haven't written my cards yet, I haven't made any either, I ususally just make a few special ones, I must get going! You have made some lovely cards over the years.

beccaf1970 said...

Beautiful cards! Congrats on getting them done so early!

scrappyjacky said...

A great selection of cards.

Miriam said...

Wow, so organised Kirsty. I love the picture of your advent candle, it's beautiful.

Judie aka Craftymess said...

so organised !! Im still in the making, gorjuss cards ((my little one still does not want to write in hers lol))

Judie xx

Photographing Mom aka tammyshere said...

Beautiful cards!

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Some lovely card designs :o) I've admitted defeat this year and bought some cards today. Thanks for your kind comments about my son the other day. I've visited your blog a few times since BFS and it was lovely to see you on mine for the first time.

Melissa said...

Great cards Kirsty - one of these years I'm going to make my own, but so far I add a little stamping to some store bought cards, write a personal note, and call them done.

humel said...

I know what you mean - I try to 'batch make' them, but I have to choose a few different designs and make smaller batches of each or I just get bored! Your designs are lovely :)

Beverly said...

Beautiful cards over the years, I am loving the stamp used for the last one and the textbook cover ones are great :) Very impressed with your children, bravo for them!

Sue Althouse said...

Beautiful cards, I think that's great that we had the same idea for our 10 Things post! I'm with you, 12 is the absolute max for making the same card. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Jane said...

You've made some gorgeous cards, wish I didn't find cards so hard to do!

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