Monday, 28 November 2011

Catching up with some scrapbooking

Patterned paper: DCWV  (with a 6-legged spider originally!); Hallowe'en stickers: blog candy from Cath in Cyprus: alpha stickers; American Crafts; felt flowers; self adhesive gems from leftovers box
Although personally I am not a big fan of Hallowe'en, my children love an excuse to dress up and eat sweets.
This year, I caved in to their pleas and took them out Trick or Treating in the neighbourhood. We respected the 'No Trick or Treating' signs (of which there were many) but they still had a bag full of treats after an hour. When we came home, M enjoyed doling out sweets to the Trickers at our door. She carved the pumpkin at a friend's party so I left it out until she went to bed then took it in to discourage later teenage visits.
It was simple, unthreatening fun; no trouble at all and, whilst it may be hypocritical of me as a Church-goer, I see no harm in allowing them to don Cat and Vampire costumes once a year.

Especially if it makes a cute scrapbook page!


Sian said...

..and it does make a very cute page!

Melissa said...

That is definitely a cute page, and I agree it's ok to have good, clean fun with your children.

Amy said...

It is barely observed here either and it sounds as though they had a lovely time!