Sunday, 23 October 2011

Saying goodbye to babyhood

My baby is 4. She has just finished her first term of full time school and is remarkably mature in terms of her speech and understanding of the world. I have gleefully said goodbye to nappies and  buggies for ever (or at least until I have grandchildren!) I can leave the house without sterilised bottles and spare knickers in my bag. And I am very happy about all that. 

The only vestige of babyhood still dominating our lives is that M has still been having a bottle of milk (with teat) at bedtime and still wakes me at least once in the night for another. It is not good for her teeth, although it hasn't affected her speech as she gave up daytime bottles 2 years ago. I have long known I needed to put an end to this habit, but I have been reluctant to do so, partly because she loves it so much, and partly because I couldn't face the sleepless nights it might cause.

However, some weeks ago, I made my decision and put plans in place to do it this holiday. I bought presents to reward my 'Big Girl' and I told M that it was going to happen so she was not surprised when I told her on Sunday morning to put all her bottles into the bin, in exchange for a new pair of fleecy pyjamas. She did it without tears. I didn't!

Now, at 6pm, she is wearing her new PJs and asking for bed, because she is tired. I am dreading the tears, but I have to keep a positive face for her. She knows there is another present waiting for her if she can get through tonight.

6.30pm. I have read M her favourite story, sung her favourite song and snuggled her down with her favourite pillow and teddy. All as normal, except for the absence of a bottle of milk. No tears yet. I'll keep you posted.

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Sian said...

It sounds like you waited for the perfect time for her - that's a mother's instincts! and that's why it worked :)