Monday, 24 October 2011

Saying Goodbye to Babyhood - postscript

She did it!
I went back upstairs 3 times at bedtime to settle M who was missing her night time bottle, but she was asleep by 7.30pm and didn't wake until 7.30am. 12 hours straight through definitely earned M her second present:

I feel such a mixture of emotions this morning:
Proud of M - she really loved her milk and yet she made so little fuss
Proud of myself - I must have chosen the right time and method to do this
Foolish - why didn't I do this a year ago if it was so easy?
Slightly cheated - I had geared myself up for a battle of wills which only my strongest parenting power could win
Sad - M will never be a baby again
Relief - maybe I can start sleeping through as well now.

Another parenting rite of passage gone through.


Annie said...

Well done you. You have made the right decision at just the right time.
Big hugs,
A x

humel said...

I've just scrolled down to read your previous post - so glad your fears were unfounded (so far - I do hope that continues!) Good for M, and good for you xx

Melissa said...

So glad to hear it all went well!