Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My birthday

It was not an important birthday, but still it is nice to celebrate, so 20 of my nearest and dearest got together in the upstairs room of a local pub for a lovely Sunday lunch. Tasty roast, yummy apple pie and a relaxed atmosphere. It doesn't get much better.
For the first time ever, R stayed at the table (rather than getting down as soon as possible and running amok with his younger cousins  - that's why we book a private room instead of eating in the restaurant) and he actually ate a good deal of what was put on his plate. It is so gratifying to see evidence of him growing up.

I saved my cards until my actual birthday (I'm good at defered gratification!) and was very lucky to be given over £200 to put toward my much-needed new laptop as well as some gorgeous pieces of jeweellery, chocolate and flowers. I felt like a very lucky girl! Although Monday was business as usual, I took cake with me to Church Home group and to International Club at college and then I had to eat more cake at teatime!

This photo was taken by R on his new MP4 camera. M, of course, had to 'help me blow out the '41' candles!


Sian said...

Happy birthday! It sounds like yu had a lovely celebration

Cath said...

Sorry I missed it but it sounds like you had a great time.


humel said...

Every birthday is important :) So glad you had a good time, and the laptop is nearer! xx