Saturday, 15 October 2011

Christmas crafting

I finished my first 10 Christmas cards today and I've written them and addressed the envelopes already. The countdown has officially begun!

These were the work-in-progress I showed on Wednesday, using an old photo of my aunts as a topper. I made 9 of them for my immediate family.

I often use the scraps leftover from a scrapbooking session to make cards, but today I used the card scraps to make a layout  with the same photo for my heritage album. The papers were 6x6 Hot Off The Press Christmas ones so I had several 6x1" strips left over. My heritage album is A4 so I didn't need much else apart from a second tag for the journalling and a few extra HOTP motifs.


humel said...

Wow, that is impressive :) I have thought about my cards a little bit, does that count? I love the idea of scrapping the card xx

Julie J said...

I haven't even thought about the birthday card I need to make for my nephew's birthday on Friday - and his little brothers birth came and went on Thursday without a card. Can you send me some of whatever it is you're taking to get so organised.