Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Learn Something New Every Day. The Twenty First.

Following on from yesterday's post about my Control Freak tendancies, today I learned that however organised I am, other people's mistakes have the power to spoil my day.
R's taxi was 15 minutes late this morning, leaving me stressed and very pushed to get to work on time. I started a new class today so I wanted to get there in time to sort out my classroom, however said classroom had been double-booked. So had the room I moved into! Not a gentle start to the day!
The 2-hour lunch break I had planned to use for lesson preparation and photocopying got eaten up assessing a tardy student who should have enrolled 3 weeks ago, so I will have to do the work this evening instead of watching Waterloo Road and Who Do You Think You Are?, as planned.


Jo.C said...

That sounds like a typical day to me -have a glass of wine to help the planning. May not help the planning but you should feel better :0)

Gwen said...

Oh dear Kirsty. Hope tomorrow is better.

Lizzie said...

Bwahh... I hate it when others mess up my plans. I'm also a bit of a control freak... I've had to learn to relax and let others get on with stuff, since I've been less fit and healthy (esp. while I was recovering from my back injury), but I still get all freaky when things don't go according to plan! It's a family trait... my niece has it... my dad had it... my son has it (and my DH is the most laid-back man in the world! - just as well, since there are enough of us in the family already!).

Kirsty, would you fancy joining us on our Bloggers' Crafting Weekend in November? Me & Jo are organising it and posted about it on our blogs... - I'd love it if you could come!