Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Learn Something New Every Day. The Twentieth. My signature and an apology.

This week I have finally started my regular teaching (rather than enrolling, which has made my hours much higher than normal since the beginning of the month). My timetable is quite good this academic year and I should be able to drop M off and pick her up from school almost every day; I have met lots of Mum's already who I have never spoken to before as I only picked M up from Nursery twice a week last year. P's school hours also look OK this year; he even has an early finish on a Monday, which is a help as I have to ferry M to swimming and R to Cubs on Monday evenings. 

The children have both settled back in fantastically well. This is M's first week of fulltime, including school dinners, and she seems really happy. R says his new teacher is the best he has ever had AND he thinks he is working hard!! 

So, all good. But still, very busy so I have been rubbish at keeping up with LSNED this month. I have enjoyed reading the prompts but I haven't even blogged the minimal sentence on some days. Sorry, and all that, but I know you will understand what it's like.
However, today's prompt got me thinking about my signature. My signature colour is definitely purple and most people who know me would say that immediately, but I am also known for being colour-coordinated even down to hair accessories (but not shoes - I loathe shoe shopping so I always buy black) and stationery. 

Taking this a bit further, I can identify certain signature characteristics such as a preference for forward planning and control . I stress if I am not well-planned for my lessons and also in my life, although I strenuously deny any allegations of Control Freakery! I tell myself that planning a weekly menu during termtime is practical and efficient (as it undoubtedly is) not overly anal (which it probably also is). Even my scrapbooking is planned. My favourite part of the process is creating a page kit to work with and designing the sketch in my head, sometimes for days before I get time to make the actual layout. For this reason I rarely use other people's sketches.

So, today I learned that  planning and purple  are my signature - explains why I love this gorgeous purple signature Shimelle made for my blog!



Clair said...

I've been gearing up towards the new start of term myself - all of my students are back next week. Why does it take me by surprise every year?

Good luck managing the onslaught and catching up on LSNED x

Sian said...

Purple is definitely having a moment :) have you seen Julie Kirk's series she id running on her blog?

I hate shoe shopping too. But that's because my feet are too small.

Julie Kirk said...

Hi Kirsty and thanks Sian! x

I don't really like shoe shopping when there's somethign specific I'm looking for - as I never seem to find it. But I love it when the perfect shoes just leap out at me .. the trouble is, that happens all too often!

I'm just writing up another post on wearing purple, so do keep in touch! :-)