Wednesday, 13 July 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

Is it anal? Probably. Sad? Possibly. Satisfying? Definitely.
This ws taken on Snday morning. My scraps box is now beautifully colour-coordinated and ready to be packed for France, as I'd love to use up as much as possible to justify a Christmas Craft spnding spree when I return in the Autumn.
It also has the added bonus of rediscovering forgotten stash. I found  a scrap of sand-printed paper which will be perfect for that kite LO which is still causing me trouble and, because colour is one of my main inspirations when I'm crafting, it was easy to put together this ruby anniversary card for a commission.

 I have never used Maya Road rub-ons before. They are so beautiful to use - rub off really easily, unlike the cheap children's transfers I've used before.
I can't do anything mre taxing than rub on rub-ons at the moment, anyway.
I enjoyed my first ever profesional manicure yesterday, a (very) belated 40th birthday present from a  friend. It was lovely; a great treat and my hands feel great,  and I don't want to wait another 40 years for the next one, but I don't think it'll become a frequent indulgence. Who are these people can spent 45 minutes and £40 on their nails regularly? There are least 4 salons in Guildford centre offering manicures, so they can't exist solely on brthday treats. I will enjoy the effects while they last, which sadly won't be long as I have to play removal man and clear out the office this morning!

Thanks for popping round. See you soon.


Wipso said...

Really love your table full of rainbow papers :-)
A x

ScrappnBee said...

Congrats on the manicure! It is definately a fun indulgance! Have fun in France...and thanks so much for sharing your workspace...the scraps are beautiful!-Amanda #33

jude said...

Lovely stash of papers thanks for sharing your workspace and manicure.Yes i know what you mean most my friends go every 2 weeks to get sorted it's round about £48 each time!Maybe would have been me if id won the euro millions but as hubby says i have to be init to win it! some uk person £166 million waking up this morning could afford there nails done
Have creative wedensday and yes we can all
hugs judex11

Neil said...

Thanks for sharing your space, have a good week!

Minxy said...

well done on sorting your scrap box, and what a fab 40th card
Happy wednesday
hugs Minxy x

sasa said...

A good sort out does you good - well done! Great red colours on your card too! Too true about the nail prices - I go once every 8 weeks! I am onto Shellac - a crafters's my one big treat!
Looking chic!

Cathy said...

Fab card ... and lots of scraps thre ... I keep all mine ... not anal, just practical lOL!!
Cathy xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

That's the nicest 40th anniversary card I've seen - really like the clock detail, very apt! x

Vicky said...

Lovely card and stash of papers.
I'm with you on the manicures, don't know how people can spare the time or the money to go regularly. I nice treat though :)

Spyder said...

very busy table!!Great card too! Have a great Crafting week ! HaPpY WoYwW

Anonymous said...

Love how it's all organized into colour groups. Have a wonderful time in France, hope you get a lot done.


scrapwordsmom said...

Oh your manicure looks so great. You should see my awful nails:(.

Lovely card!!

Leslie #86

Carolyn Phillips said...

Lovely rainbow of papers. I have to organise my paper by colour as well, it is the only way that works for me.

Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely nails Kirsty - I'm with you - have had one manicure in my life. They purposefully make you vain so that you want to have em looking gorgeous al the time!! Scraps - not silly at all - the perfect way to store 'em in my opinion. Bet you're really looking forward to la belle France now, huh.

Fuchsia said...

I would love nice nails but Im a crafter LOL and certainly wouldnt pay every week like some of my mates do .

okienurse said...

awesome papers on the table. I love the card you made. I try to go once a month and have my hands and feet done but evidently it is a lot cheaper here in the states. I get a mani and pedicure for about $40. Have a great week. Vickie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Anal? Nope! Tidy? Yes. And it will take you to France and back, I hope.

Love your nails. I see my friends get their nails done all the time and I wonder what all the excitement is all about. However, it sounds like it was a really enjoyable experience. Hope you had a great WOYWW.

Clair said...

Nothing wrong with sorting by colour - whatever makes your scraps seem more attractive is a good thing. I round the corners of mine. Which is decidedly odd, but I seem to use them more. Go figure!

Love the manicure, the nude polish is bang on! Hope it's managed to last a bit longer than you expected x

Elizabeth said...

Love your desk this week and that's because of all those scraps you have sorted through - anal, no, how else would you be able to pick the perfect colour combinations. Love your nails, and, as I have only ever had it done once in my entire 60+ years, I'm in complete agreement with you - although the cost is important, it would really be the time I'd grudge :) Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Elizabeth x #99