Friday, 27 May 2011

A Week in the Life of Me - Friday

Thank you for your comments saying you are enjoying this. I was worried I had bored you all to tears, but I think I can blame Blogger for the lack of comments earlier in the week.
So, here we are at the end of the working week, and I have a learned quite a lot from writing down everything I do. I'll carry this on for Saturday and Sunday, if for only for contrast, and update on lessons learned over the weekend. Next week is half term, but the following week I will try to take as many photos as possible so I can put words and pictures together in a mini book.

6.15am M wakes. Give her a bottle of milk and make cup of tea #1.  Read for a while. M comes for a cuddle on the way to the toilet then goes back to bed. Shower. Get dressed. Find P Euro coins for activity at school today.
7.15am, Wake R. Make breakfast and lunch. Eat breakfast together. Check emails and see how many comments have been left on my last post. Cup of tea #2. . Feed fish.  Make sure children clean teeth and get dressed, both in mufti (send R back into bathroom as he still has chocolate spread on his face)  Do my make up and put on earrings. Make beds. Strip M's bed as she has spilt milk on the covers.
8.00am Mum and Dad arrive at the same tine as R's taxi. Wave him off. Wash up. Tell Mum what M needs for school. Pop to Sainsbury's local for bread and cakes.
8.25am. Take bread back home. Change shoes as it's much colder than I thought. Drive to Community Centre.
9.00am Gets books ready. Cup of tea#3. Answer colleague's grammar query.
9.30am CAE. Practice tests.
11.30am 1 students shows up as we are finishing. Give him work to do. Copy a test for aother Ss who has lost hers. Drive back to college.
12.00 Last lesson with 6th Formers. Cakes, music, Pay lip service to some vocabulary work.
1.00pm Back home. Cheese on teast. Cup of tea #4. Watch lunchtime news.
1.30pm Make 2 phone calls for medical appointments then treat myself to a quiet couple of hours watching 'Loose Women' and 'Super Nanny'.
3.05pm Go to chemist to buy P some pain relief gel then collect  from school. Stop at the sweet shop for lollies on the way home.
3.45pm R comes home from school. Give him the lolly we bought. Put Wii on. Catch up with the blogs I follow. Text R's friend to see if wants a lift to karate.
4.30pm Clear out fridge and throw away anything out of date. Make a 'picnic' tea to use up what is close to use-by.
5.00pm Teatme. Have a sandwich with children. Discuss day at school. Clear table. Make up M's bed wth clean bedclothes. Put on Wash #4. Get drinks ready for karate and activity for M while she is waiting. R and I get changed into karate Gi.
6.10pm We don't have to pick up C tonight so leave 10 mins later than usual for karate. Drive back to Community Centre.
6.30pm Karate training. R practises Kata. I learn advanced blocks and feel pleased wih myself.
8.00pm Back home. R is keen to tell P about his Golden Board success and catch up with 'Cityville' while I change and put M straight to bed. Bottle, 2 stories tonight and a song.
8.15pm Get R to bed with the next chapter of 'Boy'.
8.30pm Finally sit down with P to eat. Fry up. Speak to a friend on the phone.
10.00pm. Watch nws headlines. Blog this. Make M's milk. Bathroom. Book.


Sian said...

I'm in admiration of the way you pack it all in. You have a lot going on and you manage it all :)

humel said...

It's really interesting to see which details change and which stay the same each day :)