Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Tag! You're it!

My friend Gwen of Perfect Pelegoniums gave me these cute Flower Fairy die cuts before Christmas and I have just got round to using them.

As you have probably noticed, tags and stamping are not usually my thing - I don't enjoy going to so much mess and effort for such small return - however, I felt these lent themselves to card toppers so I decided to have a go at making some stamped tags for toppers and embellishments. Luckily I had 2 copies of each Flower Fairy so could do a little decoupage as well.

I actually love how they've turned out.
I used them all on cards and now I have sent Pelagonium Gwen this card using Geranium fairy (apparently Geraniums and Pelagoniums are the same thing - I didn't know that before!) I can share them with you too. They are all made to the same basic sketch, but each one is different. I get too bored doing batches!

I would'nt say I'm a total tag convert, but I quite enjoyed doing this, plus it made a satisfying dent in my scraps box as some of these papers had been loitering in my stash for much too long.So,  I think I will be doing this again. I'll have a go at using some tags on my scrapbook pages next.

What do other people do with their tags when they're finished? (Other than using on them on gifts, obviously!)


——>Katie Bolinger said...

I have color coded drawers full of scrap and turn to it first for all my cards and creations. I have to remind myself, 'it's ok to cut a new sheet of paper'
Lovely tags & cards.

humel said...

These are so pretty!! I rarely make tags, but when I do, sometimes I use them on cards or layouts, but sometimes they ARE the project - like the ones I made for the Colour class I started (and didn't finish!) recently - at some point I shall make a little box or folder to keep them in, but the tags themselves are complete as they are.

Gwen said...

The tags look really good Kirsty - and I just love the card you sent.

Tertia said...

I am not big on tags, but these are lovely! My scrapbox and I went on a diet last year, the box is a lot emptier and I have a lot more money to spend on stash - you see, a win - win situation.
Tertia 110