Saturday, 18 December 2010

JYC 16 and 17 - Gifts of gratitude

End-of-term pressies are a big deal for us, to give and receive. You have already seen the decorated candles I made for R's teachers, TAs, Cub leaders, drama teachers and karate senseis, and this year I had M's nursery staff and swimming teacher as well (20 in all). I also made chilli jam for the men amongst them.
As P and I are both teachers, we also receive pressies (P teaches at a private school and his haul is always much, much larger than mine) I was given cards, chocolates, an Indonesian wall hanging and a lovely email of thanks from a student who is leaving my class. P came home at the end of term with 17 bottles, more chocolates, a book token, a pecan pie, a large lump of Cheddar cheese and a musical tin containing bicuits!


humel said...

Wow, lucky! Because I work part-time and in lots of different classes, I don't tend to get much if anything from the pupils - but I'd rather stick to the role I do than have the responsibility of a full-time class, gifts or no gifts!!

PS I know what you mean about running out of letter stickers (as you mentioned on the forum). I'm using a mix of all the alphas I own, plus some little alpha stamps, but I'm running very low on certain letters... You made this work well though :-)

Sian said...

17 bottles?!!

When my mum was teaching, she once got a box of chocolates - the top layer was there, but the underneath layer had disappeared!