Wednesday, 15 December 2010

JYC 15 Unwelcome visitors

No, not the human kind. Visitors are always welcome at ours over Christmas (and the rest of the year) and we have 11 for lunch this weekend.
No, the unwelcome visitors are the germs and bugs which always seem to visit in the last week of term when we should be enjoying schools plays and Christmas parties. I am fine (at the moment) but both children were coughing themselves sick last night, so I needed to do a very quick JYC page while they slept in this morning.
I've had to take a day off work to look after them (I've exhausted all my babysitting options now that R has been off school for nearly a week) and it's frustrating that I can't get on with any of the Christmas prep I need to because it's all stuff I don't want them to see.
Oh well. Such are the trials of parenthood, and I know I'm not alone - half the school is ill!


Susan Allan said...

It is really bad time of year for catching things. There are two nasty bugs doing the rounds and even the staff at the doctor's surgery are off sick! Hope the kids get better soon.
Sue xx 86

humel said...

I do hope that they're feeling much better today xx