Monday, 18 October 2010

Party Pictures

I turned 40 yesterday. I had been really worrying about this big event but, strangely, when it actually arrived I felt quite sanguine about the whole thing. I am more or less where I expected to be at 40, and it is not a bad place to be.

My best friend's 40th is today and she persuaded me that we really needed to throw a big party instead of my Plan A , which was to go to the theatre and out for dinner. I have to admit that I left most of the party planning up to her and felt quite ambivalent about it until Saturday night. I ended up having a great time. I'm very glad I did it (and I got my theatre trip as well!)
Mother-in-law made a beautiful scrapbooker's cake (how well she knows me). Isn't it clever?

P bought me a Smartphone and my in-laws bought me an icecream maker, both of which I am looking forward to playing with. I haven't yet managed to post on this blog from the phone, though, which was my main reason for wanting it.

 It was all too much for M, but R danced the night away. (picture shows him doing theMacarena with my brother)


Julia Dunnit said...

Ah, posting from your phone - thanks to Paige, I donwloaded an App called BlogPress and it's great...simple too! Well done on the party, glad you had a great time. I think sanguine is how I was, and I must say I really enjoy being in my forties! Many happy returns dear girl!

humel said...

Oh, happy birthday for yesterday - glad you had a good time :-)

Cath said...

Happy Birthday glad you had a good time. Another page in the book of life. Love the cake.