Monday, 18 October 2010


Mel has just posted about the season, so I thought I'd reply.
Autumn is my favourite season by far. I adore it.
It is my birthday season (last weekend - photos to follow soon!)
I love the colours of Autumn - you are never too old to apreciate the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot.
I love the clothes  - I look much better in thick jumpers and opaque tights than floaty summer dresses!
I love the food  -  give me roasted vegetables rather than salad every day, and those winter puds - apple and blackberry crumble with warm custard, mmmm
I love the Back-to-School feeling of September. For me and my family, it is a much bigger deal than the New Year
I love the dark evenings when I can hunker down at home with a good book
The best bit about Autumn is that it is nearly Christmas (whereas Winter continues drearily into January and February, which have little to commend them in my view) I am annoyingly passionate about Christmas planning and as soon as my birthday has passed I give myself permission to start Christmas shopping. 
In fact, I love everything about Autumn, except the rain (and we get too much of that in the summer anyway)

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humel said...

I love your answer, and I love how you've presented it :-)