Wednesday, 21 July 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

I almost forgot it was Wednesday today so I didn't remember to take any photos until I was all finished and packed away!
My main aim for today was to create some last Thank You cards for R's karate teachers and then  pack up all the craft stuff I think I will need for 5 weeks away. It was an almost impossible task and I know I will miss the items I decided were unnecessary. I have left all stamps, inks, embossing etc behind as I really don't use them that often and loaded up with paper and cardstock instead. So, it's back to basics for me during our summer holiday trip to France.
You can now see a nice clear desk with 4 finished cards. Behind me are bags and boxes of 'essential' items which I hope will fit into the car somehow! Very lucky we are not flying - packing for 5 weeks with two children is not synomymous with 'travelling light'.

Sorry you can't see the cards too clearly - I messed up my photographing and now I've packed my camera away!
I used a sheet of Japanese katakana symbols which I got in a DoCrafts goody bag years ago. I used the symbols for family, love, etc fairly quickly but until now had not found a use for tea, flower, fire! However, they seemed fit for karate enthusiastics!
I will probably not be around so much on my blog during the summer holidays, but do check in occasionally, as I am hoping to purchase a French dongle which will allow me internet access in our holiday home.
Have a great summer!!


Linda Elbourne said...

Well ... the cards look lovely from here :0)

Twiglet said...

I agree - very pretty cards - Have a great holiday!!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful holiday Kirsty, cards are great too!


Sue said...

Hi Kirsty
great cards, have a lovely holiday, sue,x

Sheila said...

Beautiful cards. Enjoy your holiday!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Lovely cards today. Hope you will have internet access, but if not, have a lovely holiday and rest of the summer. Happy WOYWW. Hope it's not the last for awhile.

Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh Kirsty, I NEVEr do crafting while we're away in our bolt hole - somehow I just can't. It's the coming to a stop syndrome! Hope you have a fab summer, see you when you get home all rested and tanned.

Angie said...

Love the use of the symbols ....have a fantastic break

Doone said...

kirsty we have to get seven people and luggage from the midlands to the SFrance

we decided to take two people carriers

one for luggage ( quiet car) and grown ups only

one for anyone under the age of 20 and a driver ( its time to swop cars car)

guess which one Mrs Doone get to drive?

it's the price I pay for nicking his shed...


Sid said...

Fab stuff !!

Chrissie said...

Goodness what dedication, crafting whilst you are away!
Have a great break!