Saturday, 3 July 2010

Welcome new followers

My followers list has just gone up to 20. 20 lovely people who like looking at the things I create. I can't tell you how flattered I am.Welcome to Judie, the most recent follower. She doesn't have a blog so I can't link to it, but I'm sure she must be a lovely person.
I would like to say thank you, so if any of my followers would like a jewellery gift, handmade by Kirsty,  email me with a postal address and your favourite colours and I'll send you a surprise.


Vicki said...

huge congrats on your 20 followers hun - thats great news, people should see your work!!!

Julia Dunnit said...

I should like to say that I have a jewellery gift; handmade by Kirsty and they're fab - thanks so much Kirsty, they're gorgeous.

humel said...

Congratulations! Really pleased for you :-) And what a lovely thing to do! x