Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Love Your Photos, Love Your Pages. Day 1

I've just started the new online class wth Shimelle Laine, 'Love Your Photos, Love Your Layouts'.  It is a 4-week class aimed at improving our photography with scrapbookng in mind.
Shimelle always has loads of ideas to keep you busy and we have had 3 challenges already.
The first was to post a photo which makes us smile. I've posted this one before of my children with their faces painted, but I love it and I want to do it justice on a scrapbook page,
We were also told to go out a take a picture of something in the next 5 minutes. I'm usually online as I wait for R to come home from school, so that is what I snapped.
Today's task was to photograph an object which meant something to us, but in different places in the house. I chose a pile of books by my current favourite authors, because I really don't think I could live without novels in my life. I was interested to discover that the light is dreadful in the dining room, which is where I always photograph my scrapbook pages, so I apologise to everyone who has been looking at my blogged  layouts - next time I will walk 2 feet and get a better picture in the kitchen or the hallway!

Another fab part of LYPLYLOs is the chance to upload a photo you don't love and ask everyone's advice on how to improve it. Look at what these clever people did with this rubbish picture of my last birthday
This is by Abigail:

By Louloubelle and Alliehoopes:
My favourite version is by Gemma:
I think I'm going to enjoy this class.

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humel said...

I'm really enjoying it too :-) It's as much fun to see everyone else's work as it is to produce my own!