Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Love Your Photos, Love Your Layouts - Three in a Bed

 Firstly, thanks to everyone who left me comments about why they do, or don't, make tags and ATCs. really interesting reading.

I have been practising my photo composition in 3s today, as per Day 3 Prompt of LYPLYLO.

I took this picture of my children and nephew last weekend, and it follows the Rule of 3 pefectly, but it's still not a great photo.

The three dolphins are the remains of a once larger collection of mine, and I had a go with a black paper collar to create a vignette, but it looks a bit clumsy. The group of three was taken in the hallway, which I have discovered, to my surprise,  has very good light.

The final three in a bed are the toys R insists on sleeping with. I've never documented this so I think I will scrap this photo.

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