Friday, 11 June 2010

Creativity Bootcamp Days 3 and 6

Fluid - the sea - ever changing, never still, shaping the coastline little by little so that even solid rock has an element of fluidity - blue - the deepest blue - pearls - sea creatures - movement.
Here is my neckace for Creativity Bootcamp Day 6, which I started for the Multilayered prompt on Day 3, but it also fits well with Fluid.  This is the first time I have used multistrands so I've broken my pattern a little, if not the rules. As a multi-tasking working mother my favourite catchphrase is 'Killing two birds with one stone'. Hope you like it. It was commission from a colleague.
Click the button at the sde if you don't know what Maegan's Boot Camp is about.
My son, who at 7 has just discovered why being able to read is so useful (he didn't believe me before), looked at the Boot Camp header and said 'Is that where all the shoes go camping?'!

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Anesha said...

Great take on the theme, lovely necklace. Anesha