Sunday, 18 April 2010

Shimelle's crop party - my favourite layouts

This challenge gave me the chance to look through my old albums - something I always enjoy and, since I have only been blogging since January, the chance to show you some of my earlier layouts.

I have chosen my favourites by subject, rather than by artistic technique. It is always the photo and the memory which is more important for me than the products I use.

So, in no particular order:
  • 2 pictures from one of my best-ever holidays, to Kenya with P and his Dad in 2000. We went out on a dhow to watch dolphins, which was something I had always longed to do. I can honestly say it was one of the most exciting experiences of my life and, even though the dolphins were moving much too fast for good photos, this must be a favourite layout.
  • Two pictures of R dressing-up. This has been a favourite activity for the last 4 years and shows no sign of waning. I can't complain as it provides great photo-ops!
  • Two of my favourite baby photos of R and M.
  • The Bike Ride layout is one of my favourites because it is the first with digital collage, the first with paint, and a major achievement for R.
  • 6 Generations, which represents my love of genealogy and makes me feel very priviliged to have photos of my great grandmother. Of all my albums, my heritage album is one I really want to pass down to M.

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