Sunday, 7 December 2014

OK Bring it on!


2 of my classes have finished - exams & Christmas parties done so now I can start focussing on the main event. I still have 2 weeks left of term and 4 hours of Controlled Assessment to invigilate (prime Christmas card writing time!) but not much teaching left.

So I have finally found my Christmas spirit this weekend!

I went late night shopping with the in-laws on Thursday night and managed to crack all my nephews and nieces.

High Street Christmas lights
I helped at M's Primary School 'Christmas Cracker' after school on Friday. 
There was face painting:

the obligatory audience with one of Santa's lookalike helpers:
and  - an unexpected result - we won the star raffle prize!

On Saturday, I took R and M to do their Christmas shopping for P and me and each other. We went to the cinema to watch Nativity 3. Very funny, very Christmassy and very, VERY Cheesy!
On Sunday, after Church & Nativity play rehearsals, we (along with everyone else, it seems) put on the Christmas music and tackled Christmas decorations. It was a proper team effort this year (except for P, who ran away!)

I'll try to get a better tree picture in daylight and also play around with some bokeh shots.

But the point is - with only 17 sleeps to go, there is really no escaping it! Bring on the holidays.

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scrappyjacky said...

I'm beginning to feel really christmasy as well....our decs went up yesterday.