Thursday, 27 November 2014

photographing groups of children


It's never easy but I went to a family Christening this weekend of 2nd cousins I see very rarely and I decided to grab the rare opportunity to photograph all these little people together. They are my lovely grandmother's 5 great-grandchildren and I thought a picture would make a perfect Christmas present.
Take 1. Balloons are WAAAY more interesting than a camera.
Take 2. Look at the camera
Take 3. Not bad. Now let's lose the balloons

Take 4. No!
Take 5. We're losing this
Take 6 All happy, all facing the camera. Shame my daughter decided to wave
Take 6. OK. All wave!
Take 7. We've had enough now.
Take 8. I'd just finished and someone decides to get Nanny and have her in the picture too. I'm happy with that, but the kids weren't
Take 9. all good, except for my son who is talking to someone
Take 10. Nanny! Pay attention!
Take 11 Cute!
I think I'm going with these 3, after some judicious cropping in Photoshop. They're not perfect but I know she'll love them framed up.



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Sian said...

What a lovely post this is! You're sending me away with a smile on my face