Monday, 6 October 2014

Me on Monday

Not another Monday already!
They are hard this year.
Both kids were at breakfast club by 7.45. I taught from 9 till 2,30 with only about 10 mins break . After school is homework overseeing,  tea making (currently without an oven) and housework doing. Then taking R to a rehearsal 7 to 9 pm.
This weekend was spent travelling to London, eating with old friends, visiting Tate Britain,

I don't like this at al

I like this a lot
 ordering a new oven, enjoying the best and worst of Autumn weather and marking lots of work.
this Is my first time linking up with Sian's Me on Monday.


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like your Mondays are pretty hectic!

Sian said...

Tea making without an oven that is a challenge. I hope that you'll soon be able to report the arrival of a new one, with maybe a roast dinner on the go?

I hope the rest of your week is a bit less hectic than your Monday. Have a good one!

Susanne said...

It at it this way, the best part of a new oven means you won't have to clean it for awhile.