Thursday, 25 September 2014


I got all but 2. That Juggler eluded me, and I wasn't the only one! Pretty good.
Thanks Rinda for another fun selection. Would love a Winter Hunt too. 
Here, in order is my final selection:
1. A sign welcoming people to my holiday town

2. A garden gnome
3. Birds on a wire
4. A group of tourists

5. A rack of post cards

6. An urban street scene -FAIL - I didn't go anywhere that could be considered Urban all summer- Substitute item - a kite
7. A rural landscape

8. A tattoo on a person

9. A bakery

10. A photo bomb
11. A horn

12. A mascot

13. A sunrise

14. A parade
 15. A juggler - FAIL
16. a sigh in a language other than English

17. A lamp post
18. A water fall

19. A public garden

20. A bus (yes, it is!) with a picture painted on its sides.


21. A photograph of me with something representing the season.


BJ said...

Cool and I even noticed birds on a wire in your postcard photo. BJ

Sian said...

Yes, I wonder what kind of subjects Rinda would pick for a winter hunt?

A fail at urban street scene? I bet lots of people would say not being anywhere urban all summer was a big win! :)

Missus Wookie said...

I like the idea of not being anywhere urban for a while!

glitterandglue said...

Great photo selection. What a wonderful fail! Fancy not being anywhere urban for these past three months - glorious treat!
Margaret #18

Maria Ontiveros said...

This post makes me so happy! I love seeing all the places you've been this summer, and the photographs are all so pretty. Thanks for participating! And I would not have guessed that a juggler would be harder to find than a unicycle or a pirate!

scrappyjacky said...

Great your birds.

Nathalie said...

Great collection of photos! You probably found the smallest gnome of us all :)
Nathalie #22

boysmum2 said...

I love your little gnome living there amongst those flowers

debs14 said...

That's a cheeky photo bomb!

Becky said...

Great photos and I just love your bakery.

Halle said...

Love the photos!