Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Project life goes on Holiday

My Holiday front cover. this will start a new album as I work in academic years, Sep to July. It just makes more sense for our family. Hydrangeas are a feature of the Normandy landscape in all shades from palest blue to deepest red. I spent last summer photographing as many as I could but didn't end up doing anything with the pictures so I decided to use them for my title page os this year's holiday.  The edges are painted with white acrylic, I stencilled the title with a white gel pen and added a PL transparency in the corner.
This spread covers our first 4 days. As I am on holiday I have the luxury of being able to work almost in real time, printing and documenting the days as I go along. Most of the photos will be printed directly from my camera without any computer titivating.
The Good, the bad and the ugly is my attempt to keep it real as P accuses me of only documenting the good stuff in my Project Life. R was sick on the ferry (bad) and M had the mother of all tantrums the first night (ugly). But it has been mostly good so far - a barbecue with friends and a trip to the local adventure park. I used blue & aqua cards from the Coral kit with orange accents from Jade. I have only brought a limited stash with me so that all of the holiday weeks will be colour co-ordinated, as I like to do.

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S said...

Oh looks at all those lovely notes you've made. What a holiday keepsake.