Monday, 21 July 2014

A large number of numbers

The last few weeks have been full of exciting but tiring 'big events'. The sort of things you spend months preparing for and feel sad about when they end.
This weekend saw another one - the end-of-year show for M's dance school.
She was in 2 choir numbers and a ballet dance. Some of her friends do more classes and were in 4 or 5 numbers. There were over 140 children involved aged from 3 to 18.
Raggetty Anne - in The Toy Box

They did 2 dress rehearsals and 3 performances. I  watched 1 and helped backstage at 3 of them. Saturday was a very hot day - we were there for 8 hours.  I was put in charge of the Nursery and Pre-Primary group. Out of  30 children, I knew 4 of them. In total I think I made 24 trips to the toilet, organised 70 plus costume changes and dealt with 7 tantrums and 1 pair of wet knickers.
Actually, these figures in no way convey the emotions of the weekend. Backstage management was poorly managed and I felt extremely stressed by my responsibility but watching my 7 year old performing made me immensely proud. The standard of dancing and singing was exceptional. M was excited, hyped up, hot and exhausted. She coped brilliantly, until we got home on Saturday night, when she had something of a meltdown.

I was relieved and shattered by the time we had finished. But there's no peace for the wicked. R was reading at church, so we had to get up in time for that on Sunday morning and then M went to a 'Princess Pamper Party'  for her school friend and came home looking crimped and made up and beautifully grown up.
The kids have 3 days left of school. My only jobs in that time are washing and packing, jam making and eating up what's left in the freezer before we go away.

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