Monday, 27 January 2014

Time for Tea (with Abi)

I've been reading and enjoying Abi's and other's Teatime posts for several months so I'm excited to join in this year. Glad you could join me.
Have a seat and a cuppa. Milk? Sugar? or would you prefer coffee? Sorry! I don't drink it so I forget to offer it!.
Would you like a piece of chocolate cake? It was Dad's birthday last week, but he is diabetic and isn't allowed cake so we are kindly eating it for him! I'll confide in you that I'm worried about his failing memory and frustrated that he won't see a doctor. I had a glimpse of the future last week when he got very confused with simple timings and it wasn't pretty.
I know it's very British, but shall we talk about the weather? I'm thoroughly fed up with the rain we've been having this month but I'm thankful that we haven't flooded as it been quite close to our house at times. I probably jinxed this winter by buying the kids sledges for Christmas, although 'they' are still threatening snow in February.
Talking of the kids, M has had a growth spurt recently and is now suddenly able to do things she couldn't before - ride a big bike, cross the monkey bars, swim in the big pool. I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm a proud Mummy!

R is still doing really well at secondary, but the conflict of homework and after school activities is starting to cause problems. Wednesdays are particularly bad. I don't get home from work until 4.15 so my Mum and Dad are there minding the children. M has to be at Rainbows at 4.45 and R goes to karate at 6pm. It is always fraught and stressful because there is no time for proper tea or calm homework time. I need to rethink my approach to Wednesdays. Any ideas? Dropping karate is tempting, but it's good for him.  We might try a different class on another night.

I've started Project Life this year - with monthly, not weekly layouts. I'm quite excited about it and I have been working on it throughout the month so I don't have a massive job at the end.  Is this the way to go? or is it better to do it all in one go, do you think? I've pretty much finished January, with just a couple of pockets left that I hope to fill this last week. I'm meant to be going out for drinks with some school-mum friends, but that is also on Wednesday!

Would you like another cup? Or do you need to get going? I know how busy we all are. Thanks for stopping by. If you get thirsty later on, I'm sure Abi will put the kettle on for you.


Sian said...

It's always coffee for me, please. Very strong and with no milk.

I'm always happy to listen to a proud Mummy :) My only advice about the Wednesdays is to keep talking: ask who feels too rushed, who is getting stressed about homework and let them choose whether they want to do an activity with the attendant rush or have a more leisurely homework. Sometimes kids think they have to do it all, but will own up to feeling under too much pressure when given the chance to have a really honest chat about it. Best of luck!

furrypig said...

your tea and cake looks very inviting Kirsty and maybe we should meet up one day as we are very near each other!

Abi said...

It was lovely to see your name pop up on the linky Kirsty! Thank you for joining in. I love hearing the proud mummy stories. You should be proud. That cake looks delicious!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Oh, coffee for me too please! Maybe dinner in the slow cooker, if you don't already, so everyone can eat when they need to. Nice to catch up with you today Kirsty.

ally said...

Hi Kirsty, thanks for the tea. Your house sounds as busy as mine. I play mum taxi most evening picking up an dropping off to a variety of clubs. I would see if you could do karate on a different night, our club you chose out of 3 nights which to attend. Or maybe the fact it's all on one night is busy but saves you running around 2 evenings a week. The joys of motherhood lol

alexa said...

Lovely of you to invite us and yes, please, to a nice mug of tea. So sorry to hear of your concerns about your Dad - I understand a bit where you are coming from (mine is 90). (Watchful waiting and jotting things down for yourself with dates and what you've noticed might be useful for any conversations with the family or the medical profession if needed later...). Sorry, you didn't ask for thoughts on that :(. Glads you are having fun with PL - I'm of the do-it-bit-by-bit persuasion myself, but I am sure either will work!

Susie said...

Enjoy reading your blog Kirsty - sorry about Dad

Susie said...

Enjoy reading your blog Kirsty - sorry about Dad

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your father, your mother will need lots of support as will he.