Thursday, 5 December 2013

Journal Your Christmas Day 5-7

I Love receiving them.
I quite enjoy making them, but get bored with production lines of multiple cards.
I don't even mind writing them and addressing the envelopes as I can write a personal note to people I don't see often.
I send 20 odd cards to various friends in Europe and another 40 to family and friends around the UK. I write cards for my colleagues and my students. R and M write to their teachers and classmates. I prepare cards for P's friends so all he has to do is sign them. It usually adds up to over 150.
That's a lot of paper. A lot of trees.
And a lot of postage. 50p for a second class stamp. 80p to Europe.
So this year I have taken the radical decision to stop. I've used this photo  to make cards for those family and friends who I am not in electronic contact with. For everyone else I have sent an email letter. Instead of giving £25/30 to Royal Mail I've donated it to the Philippines Appeal where it can do much more good.

I hope people will be happy with this. I'm happy with it.

Christmas Cosy
I love wearing winter fabrics. There's something about wool, corderoy and velvet that makes me feel warm and cosy, whilst also draping in a comfortable and flattering way. I love that. I have a several pairs of black velvet trousers which I wear for almost any occasion through the Christmas season. They are dressy, yet ultra forgiving of an extra roast potato or 2! I've never thought to journal about this before, but I will add this to my December PL 2013 as soon as I get a photo of myself wearing them - probably lunch  with the in-laws next Sunday.

Sights and Sounds
I went into Guildford with my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law today to finish my shopping-I am now almost done - just a couple of things to order online.
Guildford Christmas Lights
I saw a lot of people doing the same thing. The town was busy, unsurprisingly, and I was glad I'd decided to use the Park&Ride rather than the multi-storeys.
I heard the Salvation Army brass band playing carols - very festive.
I tasted Nandos for the first time. None of us had ever been so we decided to try it. Tasty. Yes, I'd go there again.
I smelt fresh bread and cut flowers on the market stalls.
I felt overheated. The weather was surprisingly mild and the shops were hot and crowded.

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