Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Saturday roundup 16th November

Halfway through November already. Only 2 weekends until Advent.
I feel as though I've achieved a lots of things this week (although writing this post on time was obviously not one of them)
At work I collated a pile of revision sheets and mock exam papers to see me through the next 2 weeks until exams at the beginning of December. It's going to produce a lot of marking, though so I'll need to keep on top of it.
I sat in a disciplinary meeting for one of my tutees and saw tears. Not from the student or from his family - no, from staff who really want this particular boy to succeed. Whether or not this will spur him on to do more work or not remains to be seen.
On the home front, I have made a good dent in my Christmas shopping. I sorted unwanted gifts for donation to the School Fayre, Local radio toy appeal and Church Giving Service. I organised a group of family members to club together for the big-ticket item M has asked for and I got agreement on a date to take all the cousins to see the pantomime. None of them really want gifts now so I prefer to give an experience than a £10 note. Just have to book the tickets now and most of my big presents are done.

I've also made a first batch of chutney with ginger and pears that I brought back from France and froze. I think homemade chutney makes an acceptable hostess present when we go visiting at Christmas.

Both kids have been baking at school too, so the house has smelled of ginger all weekend.
M made Pudsey biscuits to sell for Children in Need.
R made ginger loaf in Home Technology. 
I think I was out every evening this week. On Tuesday some friends and I went to support 2 other friends who were performing in Anything Goes. Really good fun, and highly professional. I must go to amateur theatre more often.

On Thursday, we celebrated my nephew's 15th birthday (15!) at home with KFC and cake.
The weekend was typically taken up with drama club and Church. (Christmas Giving service this week) Then we drove down to Portsmouth for lunch with some friends. We admired their lovely new house and ate a delicious roast then the grownups caught up while the kids played. Unfortunately R and I had both left our homework to do on Sunday evening - not very clever!

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furrypig said...

It;s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas in your house! I love that the whole family were cooking/baking.