Sunday, 24 November 2013

Saturday Round Up 24th November

A week of invigilating and marking at work. Very dull but necessary. Unfortunately I was depressed to see how badly one group did in their mocks. Thank goodness I have a few months before they sit the real thing!.

I was lucky enough to go the theatre again this week, though. That's twice in 2 weeks! Mum turns 70 at the end of the month so I took her to see Ghost-The Musical. We both loved it. Very cheesy but beautifully staged with lots of clever effects. I definitely recommend it if the tour comes to your area.

We don't have a free weekend now until Christmas. On Saturday night we had a dinner party for 2 couples which didn't end until midnight. We took the opportunity to test out Morrisons' 3-Bird Roast as a contender for Christmas dinner. The verdict? Very nice, but not special enough for a big celebration and it's claim to feed 8 was an exaggeration (unless we are much greedier than the average Morrisons' customer, which is entirely possible!)

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