Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday Roundup 20th October - in which lots of cake is eaten

Yes, considering I have been more or less wheat-free for the past 2 months, there has been a lot of cake this week!

On Tuesday I met M's teachers, Mrs Watts and Mrs Gosling who were both very complimentary about her. "She is very good at drama but not a drama queen" and "has poise" apparently. Her maths is fine too but she needs to work on her handwriting. I suspect she is not being greatly challenged but, having seen R struggle for so many years, I am reluctant to rock the boat.
Thursday was my birthday so my colleagues bought chocolate cake to our department meeting on Wednesday.

I took a cake to International Club on Thursday and a couple of Pakistani students also arrived bearing food from their Eid celebrations this week.
Sukhi Seviyan, sweet vermicelli flavoured with cardamom powder, cashewnuts and almonds.This simple dessert is a popular one in punjab.
It's called seviyan and is a bit like sugary vermicelli
 I like spreading my celebrations over a few days. Thursday itself started fairly poorly. I got up even earlier than usual on a school day as R had to leave  at 7.30am to spend a day with P. R's school was closed due to industrial action. I opened a few cards and a couple of not-very-surprise presents; a Kindle light from P which was exactly what I had asked for and a jacket from Mum which we had shopped for together. Getting what you want is a good thing though, as I reminded myself and the day got better. I managed to persuade a student not to leave the course, International Club turned into quite a party and P's family came over for tea and cake after work. They have given me money to buy a small sewing machine. I only want a little craft one - any advice?

M was not at school on Friday as the staff had INSET training so P, who has already broken up for half term took her to a friend's birthday party (to eat cake!). I taught for 3 hours then had my Professional Review with my line manager before I was able to escape to prepare for the wedding.

At Friday's Book Club meeting (known as the (Viti)Culture Club) discussion abut JK Rowling's 'A Casual Vacancy' was also sweetened by more birthday cake, courtesy of hostess extraordinaire, Hannah.

We were up early again on Saturday to dress in our best for an 11.30 wedding,

As R was Ring bearer and M took up the offertory, I was quite nervous during the beautiful Catholic ceremony but they did us proud and then I was able to relax at the reception.

 It was a truly moving wedding, both Bride and Groom are sincere in their Catholic faith and very much in love. He gave a lovely speech and toast to their fathers (both of whom have passed away) and she serenaded him with a song she had written herself. The meal, when we finally sat down to it, was delicious and the company on our table friendly. By 10pm, both kids were flagging so we said our goodbyes., taking with us a slice of wedding cake, of course.

We are all tired today, but M and I still managed to whip up a batch of cakes for Cake Bake tomorrow!

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