Saturday, 26 October 2013

Saturday Roundup 26th October

Only 9 weekends until Christmas!!!!

I've gone back to posting this on a Saturday as we are going to see a friend for a few days tomorrow.

P's halfterm didn't coincide with mine or the kids' so he went to France to put the house to bed for the winter and I have been a single Mum this week. Now we have finally got there too.

What a half term it has been!

R has learnt so much, from finding his way round a big new school  and reading a timetable to preparing layered salad and a new method for long multiplication (Napier's Bones - I'd never heard of it! P is usually in charge of maths homework as it is not my strong suit but this time I had to turn to the internet fort the method). He has also changed from child to teenager in a disconcertingly short time!

I have met a total of 40 new students and gone from initial assessment to exam entries in half a term. We've had birthdays and weddings and lots of afterschool activities too so we are all very much in need of a break.

This week has been something of a struggle - all so tired and no Daddy - but it was relatively normal routine.
There was Cake Bake on Monday, at which M's class raised £128.30 - good result,.
We went shopping for new shoes after school on Tuesday, which necessitated tea in McDonalds and made a quick visit to Orthotics for a replacement arm splint for R on Thursday.

We celebrated the start of the holiday with a lie-in this morning  until 9.30 am and pancakes for breakfast.

M went to a friend's birthday party this afternoon so R and I used the time to visit the Alien Invasion exhibition at the nearby Lightbox Gallery. Not really my cup of tea and not as interactive as I'd hoped but it killed an hour for free and gave me the photo op of a real Dalek!.

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Sian said...

Now, I know a little boy round here who would love to see a real dalek - he is dressing up as Dr Who for Halloween! Great picture.

I can remember my dad teaching me Napiers Bones many years ago..sounds as if the old methods are coming back round again..